Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mike Seeger, RIP

When Ramblin' Jack Elliot sent dedicated a song to an ailing Mike Seeger at the recent Newport Folk Festival, it was the first that I heard that he was sick. Mike Seeger, Pete Seeger's half-brother, was profoundly influential in the preservation of folk music, particularly in saving the traditional music of the South from obscurity. He was a well-loved performer and co-founder of the New Lost City Ramblers. I met Seeger once, at a tribute concert I co-produced to honor the late Cajun fiddler Dewey Balfa, who himself was close to death at the time. Seeger came to Eunice Louisiana to honor Balfa, and to assist his friend, and fellow member of the New Lost City Ramblers, Tracy Schwarz, in a final tribute to a great musician. Seeger died Friday, at age 75, of cancer.

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Kevin L said...

Just passing this along...

A Personal Note from Mike's wife, Alexia:
"Dear family, dear friends… Mike has completed his passage. He died this evening, August 7, some time before 9 pm. Family, home, peace.

It’s what he wanted, and he did it so gracefully. It went too fast for me to comprehend–but he always said 'I don’t want to linger!' Clear in what he’s about, as always.

The love coming from you and from friends all over is just amazingly helpful, sustaining.
Thank you. Love——–A