Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Who is Christian Bale again?

When my video editor asked if I had heard the Christian Bale on-set tantrum, I had to admit I hadn't.

Then I asked, "Who's Christian Bale?"

"He was Batman in the Dark Knight," he said. "You've got to hear this."

He was right. It demonstrates once again what a glamorous life filmmaking is, and how much actors and actresses appreciate the hard-working men and women who make them look and sound good.

Or not. Here are some of the nice things Mr. Bale said to his DP (Director of Photography). WARNING: The f-word is used a few times.

Oops. Mr. Bale forgot he was wearing a microphone and that he was not just humiliating the DP, he was making the rest of the crew very angry, especially the sound recordist who just happened to make this clip available to Mr. Bale's many fans on the web.

In fact, one of his fans was so pleased with the clip that he turned it into the song which will likely be on hundreds of dance floors this weekend. It's so catchy.

So catchy, it's become viral on the web.

My argument with Mr. Gale is that he so dilutes the already diminished power of a beautiful Anglo-Saxon expletive. It's obvious Mr. Gale needs a script to sound coherent.

Poor Mr. Gale. His intent was to humiliate the DP, and now he's got to suffer so much humiliation himself. Hope he's fucking happy.

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Anonymous said...

I imagine Bale's under a lot of pressure, i honestly can't blame him for blowing up