Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More layoffs at the Courant, but who wrote the story?

The Hartford laid off 100 employees on Tuesday, thirty of who are on the editorial staff, including prominent writers who cover Washington, and the state legislture. All of this, of course, following the absurd logic that you can have a newspaper without news gatherers.

And you know how light the Courant is now, well, with a far lighter staff, the Courant will likely float above your doorstep.

This is not good for Connecticut, the Courant and certainly not for the experienced writers who are now on the street.

Denis Horgan has dubbed it the Mardi Gras Massacre - beads to hang yourself, delivered by phone.


Anonymous said...

I was following the story through the afternoon yesterday because I heard a "headline" on WNPR. I know you had said something about this a couple of days ago. My attention started to drift and then I heard the reporter say "this means no presence in D.C."

Great. Just great.

Anonymous said...

if you actually read the Courant, you would be hard pressed to believe it has any presence in Connecticut...90% of the articles are about something outside the state and written by someone outside of the state.