Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dodd and Lieberman seeking redemption

With their poll numbers so low that they look like the share value at some banks, Connecticut's two Senators, Friend-of-Angelo Chris Dodd, and Creepy Joe™ Lieberman are seeking to salvage their ragged reputations.

Dodd's bid was to put a cap on executive bonuses, which is more stringent than the one the Obama administration sought. The cap still allows execs at bailed-out banks to receive huge salaries, and the bonuses are capped at 30% of those salararies. Boo hoo, poor execs.

Lieberman is trying to put a new populist luster on his Republican tendencies by convincing his fellow Republicans (I know, I know, Lieberman claims to be an Indy Dem, but really...), to vote for the stimulus. He helped reach across the aisle in his expert bipartisan manner, and it yielded two votes.

Sorry to tell these chumps that these heroics are not what they will be remembered for in the voting booth.

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