Monday, February 9, 2009

Beausoleil wins Cajun/Zydeco Grammy

In an interview just last week I talked to Mike Doucet about his double nomination for a Grammy this year. He thought the double nominee would knock him out of contention.

One nomination was for a very fine solo fiddle album he put out for Smithsonian/Folkways called From Now On.

The other was for a live Beausoleil album from Jazz Fest recorded by an outfit called MunckMusic which records CDs of live sets at festivals and sells them to fans on-site. Steve Riley's album, also recorded at Jazz Fest, was also nominated.

"I've never even heard it," Doucet told me.

"Wouldn't it be ironic if that's the album that won you a Grammy?" I replied.

He admitted to an irony, that in fact occured this evening, when Beausoleil won the Grammy for that live recording.

Congratulations to Beausoleil, and to Pete Seeger for taking home a Grammy for his Appleseed recording At 89.

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