Friday, August 1, 2008

What if the Beatles were Irish?

More shameless promotion.

Roy Zimmerman's has gotten millions of youtube hits with the songs he posts. This one has garnered nearly a half million on its own, and, strangely, it's one of his most controversial.

The premise, as Zimmerman explains in the clip, is to imagine some of the Beatles most well-known hits sung as if by an energetic Irish folk group, say, like the Clancy brothers or the Dubliners.

However, he came up with the premise, "what if the Beatles were Irish" without really thinking it through. Because, the Beatles came from Liverpool, just across the Irish sea from the Emerald Isle, and it's a huge Irish ex-pat enclave. And, in fact, all the Beatles, while thoroughly Liverpudlian, had strong Irish heritage.

So, the premise is faulty, but the medley it spawned is still hilarious.

Roy Zimmerman
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