Friday, August 29, 2008

Rhythm and Roots

For the past two decades and more, I've marked the passing of summer by attending a roots music festival in Rhode Island.

In the old days it was called the Cajun and Bluegrass Festival, and was held at the Stepping Stone Ranch in Escoheag. I saw, and met some of the greats on that stage, Dewey Balfa, Ralph Stanley, Doc Watson.

This weekend, I'll be on stage at the Rhythm and Roots Festival at Ninigret State Park in Charlestown, for the 11th year. The fabulous Pine Leaf Boys are the host band, and their neighbors, the Red Stick Ramblers will be there among many others.

There's alway plenty of music and dancing, and I've watched my fellow fans mature and have children of their own who have grown into men and women.

This evening kicks off with bluesman Paul Geremia, and ends in the dance tent with Nathan and the Zydeco Cha-chas.

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Unknown said...

FYI there is a WIFi Cafe a few miles south of the park (after the W. Beach Rd light)at Dave's Coffee in the Galapagos Collection on RTE 1- great place.

The Festival was great pls let me know if you post any pix.

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