Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Working hard to be a Connecticut Senator? Huh?

(Huoppi - New London Day)

While spending most of his days turncoat campaigning in states other than Connecticut, Creepy Joe™ Lieberman, spoke at one of his regular Chamber of Commerce appearances in New London yesterday and refused to talk politics, except to say that:

”I've never expected to be selected for vice president,” the senator said. “I've worked real hard, as people here know, to continue to be a senator from Connecticut. That's what I want to do and that's what I expect I will be doing next January.”

This, of course, is unmitigated baloney. What exactly has CJ™L done on behalf of Connecticut since he abandoned his party, and it's rules, to achieve re-election two years ago?

In fact, the argument could be made that in campaigning for John McCain, Lieberman has jeopardized Connecticut's influence in the Senate. If the Senate gains Democratic seats, it will no longer need Lieberman's swing vote. If Lieberman speaks at the Republican convention, continues to campaign for McCain, accepts a VP slot, or switches parties, it's reasonable to expect that he will lose his seniority, his committee chairmanships, and what little remains of his influence. He will not be a hero of bipartisanship, he will be a pariah. And Connecticut will have have a limp, ineffectual, unwanted and unloved Senator for the next four years.

Does Lieberman really think that President Barack Obama would really take his phone calls?

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