Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Saved by the music

When I rolled out of bed at 4 AM this morning in preparation for the radio show I had some dark thoughts. Am I too old to be doing this? Couldn't I use the extra few hours of sleep? Was I really excited about getting back to spinning the music?

These thoughts haunted me the entire ride to the radio station, and I thought, really thought, maybe it's the time to retire.

When I arrived, after two weeks of vacation, there were at least 80 new CDs waiting to be logged in. I was able to manage doing the data base log-in for forty of them, which means printing 40 labels, and affixing all of them, plus at least two other stickers, to the CDs and cases. That's well over 120 stickers.

Out of necessity, some of this busy work leaked over into the beginning of the show, so I decided to spin new music until I got the job done.

It took me 40 minutes, and in that time, my dark mood was blown clear out of the studio by the quality of music by groups and musicians I had never heard before - Elliott Brood, Cara Dillon, Madison Violet, Allen Thompson and The Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank.

I was smiling, and filled with the hope that only new music can generate.

I won't be retiring soon. I want to spin more of these songs.


Janice L. said...

Heard the show & the new music. I hope you don't retire for a very long time!

bethany said...

maybe you could send home some of this new music...hearts ed, thank you for sharing! loved madviolet!

p.s. i'll let you know when you're's gonna be awhile! :)

Anonymous said...

Good! Your show rocks!

Kevin L said...

Can one "retire" from a volunteer position? Or do you just quit?

Anyway, if and when you do retire/quit, Wednesday mornings on the air will probably suck.