Monday, September 14, 2009

Teabaggers: great patriots, defenders of the Constitution, and brilliant spelers

Hey Vicevich. We'll stop calling you a teabagger when you stop calling it, "the Democrat Party" and stop calling him "the young president." (By the way, do you take one lump, or two?)

A march on Washington as pure, and white, as the driven snow.

The irrepressible Max Blumenthal with another object lesson.


Susan said...

I wonder if Vicevich would have called McCain "the old president." Ya think?

Kevin L. said...

The scariest part of all the Obama racism (disguised as government protests) is that these paranoid, ignorant - in some cases nearly illiterate - people in Blumenthal's video are American citizens.

Too many of those citizens sound like they're repeating someone else's mantras...and sound a bit like skinhead Neo Nazi Klan members who didn't get past grade school.

WTF is going on back there at home?

Anonymous said...

Vicevich--whew, he's embarrassing. What about the new fake Southern accent, the really painful double negatives, etc, in some attempt to make himself into a good ole boy.
He's some desperately insecure (and truly unkind) guy, huh?