Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jim Vicevich: one angry teabagger

The Hartford Courant today printed an editorial about several incidents which indicate a loss of civility in the public discourse. Say the editors:

The health care issue has seen incivility raised to a tactic — premeditated rudeness — in town hall meetings across the country, driven by hate radio and vituperate bloggers.

Local crackpot broadcaster, WTIC-AM's Jim Vicevich took that sentence personally, excoriating editors for not including a list of uncivil incidents during the Bush administration.

I, for one, am glad that Vicevich self-identifed with "hate radio," because the first step in recovery is recognizing that you have a problem.

Now Jim, if we could only convince you to admit that your undergrad degree in economics does not put you on par with Paul Krugman. Your 15 watt notion of the free-market is nothing more than a rehashing of the cribbed talking points of think-tanks, bloggers, pundits and lobbyists for the corporate giants who need nincompoops like you to do their bidding.


Kevin L. said...

Viceofabitch is not only an angry "teabagger"...he's just plain angry. Perhaps we would all be as angry had we invested in as many failed business ventures as Jimbo?

Looking at his long list of losers it's hard to believe he even obtained a mail order degree in economics, much less an undergrad certificate.

Hey, I bet he considers himself in great company with ol' GWB...he failed at every business his daddy handed him.

Rick said...

Vicevich is one of a growing number of flatulating right winged talking rectums who think if they ape the style of their Oxycontin popping dope fiend messiah, El Rushbo, they'll strike it rich with a syndicated program. These gasbags are the 5th column of our time. With their constant stream of propaganda they're promoting another civil war.

Winni said...

Tea party still going strong! Must really piss off all the angry left wing gasbags who still will NOT shut up even though health care bill passed. Why is Obama still campaigning for a bill that passed? Doesn't he have ANYthing better to do?
And please, leave Jim Vicevich alone. If you don't agree, don't listen. He's one of my heroes and I'm not afraid to admit it.