Friday, July 3, 2009

Dipshitedness proven


Susan said...

Has anyone yet offered a translation or a reader's guide?

Kevin L. said...

WTF was that all about!!?? She needs a doggie-downer before she tries to speak coherently in front of the camera.

Anyway, I'm thinking I can be Governor of Alaska. I can make shit up as I go along, too!

One thing's for sure -- she sounds like she's about to be outed for something bad and is running for them thar hills; regardless of what she mistakenly thinks Gen. McArthur said.

Oh well, in that non-stop RambleFest, at least she left late night TV writers, The Daily Show & Saturday Night Live a few weeks' worth of material.

Pete T. said...

It must be a form of communication they teach beauty pageant contestants. I think Ms. South Carolina in the 2007 Miss Teen USA competition spoke exactly the same language:

Ms. South Carolina answers a question

-- Pete

Pete T. said...

Seriously, though, all kidding aside? Who's gonna keep an eye on the Russians now? What's she thinking? It's no time to let our guard down, what with those weak-on-defense Liberals in office and everything.

I sure hope that Obama guy has got a task force started on this. Is Alayska's Lt. Gov. up to the task?