Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I can't stand the way he sings but I love to hear him talk


Kevin L said...

The guy who produced that video clip of 'The Band' was a Dutch film director/producer, the very famous Roelof Kiers.

I met him in 1987 when he was filming a radio sponsored concert series for Dutch tv. At the time I think he was the programming/broadcast director for VPRO television & radio in The Netherlands. He worked for that company since the 1960s, until he died in 1994 (at age 56?)

He leaned toward controversy, in a good way. A guy who had a lot of axes to grind with "the establishment" (which was the subject of a lot of his earliest videos & reporting in the early 60s.)

He was also the main reporter in America (for a Dutch broadcasting network) of the 'flower power' generation happenings of the 60s. That's when he said he got his idea to start filming "the scene" in the USA & Holland.

Roelof reported for VPRO television from Detroit during the infamous 1967 riots.

He co-wrote and co-produced a television opera in 1969 called, "Mother, What's Wrong With This Planet".

He was (and still is) especially famous in the music world for his Frank Zappa documentary (early 70s?).

At some point during my tours in Europe I decided to write a short piece about Roelof Kiers. Even though I'm no journalist, he agreed to spend some time with me. I have no idea why, except that we had similar views of the world and seemed to enjoy each others' company. I never did anything with my research on him.

He showed me rooms full of films and written interviews he had made of American & British bands of the 60s & 70s. His house was basically a hidden museum of world events from the 1950s - 1990s.

Roelof had a lot of 'firsts' in his career...he was the first Dutch citizen to film a documentary in China. He was also the main force behind the first digital division of a Dutch broadcasting company (VPRO), and so on.

He lived through some amazingly hard times (including death threats, one nearly successful attempt on his life and various personal sacrifices). With that, plus the historic events and hundreds of hours of video documention he made during his lifetime, Roelof seemed most passionate about "exposing China's evils" and secondly about his fight for the digital broadcasting technology at VPRO.

Roelof was very much an activist for human causes all of his life. He considered his most important "life work" to be his documentaries and revealing interviews made in China. I think he was working on another documentary in China when he died?

One of Roelof's colleagues produced a documentary about him called "The Author". Haven't seen it yet, but I will once I get a better grip on the Dutch language.

Anyway, I had pretty much forgotten my experience with Roelof Kiers until I saw his name in the credits to "The Band" video on YouBoob.

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