Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer harvest

An interesting postcard from Kevin Lynch in the Netherlands. In this country we drive through summertime fields of ripening corn, tomatoes, squash and beans. This is a field of prime Netherlands' hemp. A taxable crop which law enforcement does not have to worry about.

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Kevin L. said...

By the way...for the reader who emailed me in ignorance, and obviously doesn't know the difference between hemp and smokable weed...this stuff in the photo is not for consumption.

Also (and this obviously comes as a surprise to some) Holland is no more "all windmills and tulips" than America is full of cowboys & Indians.

So, in closing, let me break the news that all you get from smoking Hemp is a headache. But mostly...there are countries with governments that actually know how to help fund their farmers and assist them in developing profitable alternatives (like Hemp), and are actually making durable goods and foods from such alternative sources...and realizing gazillions of tax Euros from such goods.

I suppose expecting America's governing bodies (and sadly too many Americans) to understand how to function as a government for the people is a lot to ask these days?