Friday, April 24, 2009

What's part pig, part turkey and part human and very scary?

A frightening H1N1 flu strain which is a recombined strain of viruses from swine, bird and human strains, being passed from human to human in and near Mexico City.

The flu experts have been warning us about a bird flu crossover for a half dozen years, and they are concerned.

Reminds me of a certain Steven King novel.

Or a scene from a Monty Python film.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah and maybe the government can throw another 10 Billion at a problem like they did last time.

Somewhere there are three million of doses of Tamiflu that are now past their expiry date sitting in warehouses or in a landfill... and we had a nutcake Secretary of Health and Human Services who went on the Fox network and other talk shows telling people to stockpile canned milk and tuna fish in their homes to safeguard themselves from the inevitable pathogenic bird flu that would kill folks on the scale of the 1918 flu. Comparisons to buying duct tape to seal your windows following 9/11. We might as well be hiding under our desks in grammar school for protection from nuclear fallout.

All because Bush failed to read Barry's Rising Tide before Katrina so he decided to read Barry's next one The Great Influenza.

Ahh it's a great life.