Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chillin' with the AG

The three caballeros, McCain, Lieberman and Graham have sent a love note to President O, asking him to follow his own advice in "looking forward to solutions, not backward to recriminations."

It seems they don't want anyone prosecuted as a torturer, even torturers.

Shame on McCain, who for good reason, has come out against torture in the past. Lieberman, who might consider it torture if he had to walk twenty paces with a pebble in his shoe, or miss a meal, doesn't have the perspective that McCain has. Graham, he's from South Carolina.

Seems the unholy trio is afraid of "a deeply chilling effect on the ability of lawyers in any administration to provide their client -- the U.S. Government -- with their best legal advice."

In other words, it would scare lawyers shitless to tell their government bosses that it was okay to commit a crime.

Now that's a chill worth savoring.

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