Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Creepy Joe™ hearts torture

The man just can't help himself.

Sure he acted kind of remorseful for pumping his fist at Republican rallies after the big O got elected, but those of us who have kept an eye on his slime trail knew that eventually he would revert to his soulless ways.

Creepy Joe™ slithered over to the Fox Network and the always dour Greta van Sustern queried Senator Mugwump on the torture memos.

Lieberman admits to being "in the minority" on waterboarding, demurring that it really isn't torture because it "mostly a psychological impact on people." Like being locked in a cold cell for days on end, or having being forced to stay awake in a standing position for days on end, or having frothing dogs lunging at your testicles.

We all know Lieberman would call it torture if someone waterboarded a son or daughter of his. But, hey, that's Creepy Joe™, anything goes when it comes to protecting America, even if it makes America something we never hoped to be.

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