Friday, March 13, 2009

The jester is essential

Jon Stewart is a comedian, with a show satirizing television news on a network called Comedy Central. It's amazing that the best interview about the economy is conducted by a comedian. That's entertainment.

Jim Cramer on Jon Stewart last night. Comedy Central has provided the uncut, uncensored interview, and it's well-worth watching.

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Anonymous said...

Readers here should definitely watch all three segments of the uncensored interview videos. It was fun to hear Stewart say what we all would have said to Cramer. Jon was especially spot-on when he revealed that these people (CNBC, etc) knew what was going on (even added fuel to the financial fires) the whole time leading up to the current mess America is in. But Cramer basically tried to fall back on admitting to his mistakes throughout this whole segment and not really admitting they were duping the American investors and innocent 401K'ers. Cramer and his money-grubbing pals on the financial network still suck.