Friday, March 20, 2009

Has anyone seen Creepy Joe™?

I was just thinking, what Connecticut Senator might benefit if his colleague from Connecticut was mired in all sorts of financial problems, thereby redirecting the heat and light from his own record of bad decisions?

And what Connecticut Senator might know something about an Irish land deal, and have just the right connections to slip a wee packet smoldering peat to a newspaper columnist who might write about that deal?

And what Connecticut Senator might have the lowdown on who was and wasn't a friend of Angelo, and make sure that the members of the fourth estate, learn about another Senator's own third or fourth estate?

And what Connecticut Senator, who might pose as a friends of another Connecticut Senator, and who understands how deals get done and undone deep inside the beltway, might whisper that another Connecticut Senator had blown the deal by not paying enough attention, and thereby get even for a time in campaign history when one Connecticut Senator was kissing bush, and raising cain while another Connecticut Senator was becoming a Nedhead?

Just asking.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps he took the knives that were stuck in his own back to use them.

Anonymous said...

yeah, blame lieberman. he must be the root of all problems in the world.

Ed McKeon said...

The man has a lot of blood on his hands.

And Lieberman betrayed by the Democrats? That bass-ackwards, for sure.