Wednesday, March 18, 2009

All Tuckered out

Over at the Daily Beast, Tucker Carlson repeats, and embellishes his weekend rant about Jon Stewart.

To recap, you may remember Jon Stewart besting Carlson when Stewart critiqued Carlson and Crossfire, Carlson's now-cancelled show.

When Stewart took apart CNBC and Jim Cramer over the past few weeks, Carlson decided to rise to Cramer's defense.

Carlson continues his self-serving criticism in the Daily Beast essay, but most interestingly, the readers flay him in the commentary, including a most interesting post from an alleged attendee at the CPAC conference, which Stewart mocked roundly, who posts as "goneprivate."

Tucker-- I would much rather prefer someone to mock me and other conference attendees as opposed to coming to our conference, getting sh*tbombed, acting wildly unprofessional, and then capping it off with sleeping with a young associate at my firm-- all the while collecting a hefty speaking fee to take home to an unsuspecting wife and child. Sound familiar??? It should-- unless you are an amnesiac.

The post is comment, after all, and comments are notoriously unrelible, but it's an accusation, though it offers little in the way of proof. Still, if an enterprising journalist digs a little, he or she may find that Tucker Carlson's behavior at CPAC has him throwing stones in a glass house.

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