Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The party of the ass

Memorial Day has gotten me thinking about the Democratic failure to put an end to the war in Iraq (if not the entire Bush administration). While the electoral polls showed a widespread dissatisfaction with the the way the war is being executed, and the current polls amplify that decision, neither the Democrats nor the Republicans seem to be listening. While it's difficult to understanding the intractability of the Bush administration, we have come to expect the indignant stubbornness of the worst president ever. Why the Republican party continues to follow their ridiculous leader is beyond comprehension. Why the Democrats have not mounted a more robust resistance strikes a far more sinister note.

Cities and states across the country have called for impeachment, yet the Democratic leadership in Washington makes excuses about how impeachment is not good for the country (read, not good for my re-election).

My own cynical view is that despite the dire consequences of death, mutilation and destruction, the Democrats are actually savoring the war as "Bush's war" and the "Republican war," because it ensures a Democratic majority in congress in a way that no TV commercial campaign could.

Late on Monday I read this moving, thought-provoking piece in the Washington post by veteran and columnist Andrew Bacevich. (Thanks to Michael Gill for sending it along) His conclusion is even more depressing. The war is with us for the worst of reasons - the influence of money, and the usual way our brokedown democracy functions.

Then came news that Cindy Sheehan is resigning from the Democratic party and the peace movement in disgust with the Democrats' bait and switch campaign.

It's time to ask our elected leaders to do more than worry about their own skins, though is seems hopeless, since this is at the core of how they operate.

Where have you gone Ralph Nader, a nation turns it's lonely eyes to you.

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kam said...

It is the same with politics on both the satewide and national level. The sorry-ass Democaratic Party, that we had such high hopes for back in November, have returned to 'politics as usual'(bad quote, I know!)going into an almost stalmate position nationally, and a disagree-with- everything-Gov. Rell-says mentallity here at home. I can only hope that their summer vacations are wiped out on account of nothing getting done in the regular session.