Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lieberman loves torture, just not the photos

Creepy Joe™ Lieberman has lobbied for the continued use of enhanced interrogation techniques, that most people now refer to simply as "torture." He thinks it will help get good information in case someone ever walks a nuclear device into the Chrysler Building. CJ™'s been watching a bit too many episodes of 24.

Now, it seems, he's not so fond of releasing photos of torture, because those photos will put our troops in danger. That's an argument he's resisted when others have used it to explain how torture actually works against us.

His mobius strip logic is classic Lieberman. As long as the enemy doesn't find out our soldiers were sodomizing their sons, they can't use it against us.


Anonymous said...

If you have no proof of US Soldiers sodomizing anyone I suggest you stop repeating this lie.

Kevin Lynch said...

Ed stated what he believes, and some of what at least two American soldiers have stated as their experience to the press (it made the news over here in Europe, not sure about the USA?)

If "Anonymous" had the balls to stand behind what he/she believes..then why not post a name? You don't have to be a coward here...I believe Ed still welcomes everyone's opinions? Even crazy mixed-up 'which side am I on now' Joe Leiberman.

I think Anonymous posters should be sodomized. ;~}