Thursday, May 28, 2009

Diddling in the legislature

Not a column goes by that I'm thankful again that Helen Ubinas returned from her journalistic fellowship a few years ago committed to write about Hartford and Connecticut.

Today she nailed Connecticut legislators and the governor for fiddling while Rocky Hill burns. Ubinas makes all the right points: it's a devastating economic environment, it's horrendously complicated, all sides on the issue are far apart. But she also points out that the legislators are fiddling, piddling and diddling while towns, which have no control over state tax revenue, wait, hats in hand while the lawmakers consider topics as far ranging as the paint balls and the death penalty.

The governors and legislators have no excuses. And they seem to be failing at what they will eventually have to do, compromise. This is the primary job they are elected to handle, and they aren't doing it.

It appears impossible for lawmakers to create a budget in time for towns to make reasonable projections. When that happens, the towns will be left holding the bag (they'll pass the bag to municipal taxpayers).

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