Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hey that's me on cut 13

One of the side benefits of hanging around with musicians is that occasionally I get featured on their albums. I'm part of the chorus on Erin McKeown's "La Petit Mort" (her French, not mine) from the Distillation album, and I'm also on the chorus of Hugh Blumenfeld's "longhairedradicalsocialistjew" from his Rocket Science.
Susan Forbes Hansen reported to me that she heard my voice coming out of the speakers when she played a cut from the new Savoy Family Band album Turn Loose But Don't Let go, on Arhoolie. Sure enough, there I am after the band plays a live version of "Two-step de Prairie Soileau," recorded at the Rhythm and Roots Festival in Charlestown RI, as I take the band off the stage after their set.

I've never been paid a royalty for my recordings, but that's okay. I feel like royalty being immortalized with these great musicians.

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