Thursday, April 17, 2008

The advantages of being a Wesleyan neighbor

Okay, so once the windows are open in the Spring, there are a few Thurs-Sat early mornings when drunken Wes students come shouting down Pearl Street. But the minor inconvenience outweigh the cultural advantages.

Vijay Pinch informed me of two really interesting events not posted on the external Wesleyan calendar.

Thurday evening, at 8 pm, April 17, Ajit Kelkar presents a one-person play entitled The Common Man, based on a caroon series about postcolonial India which was drawn by R.K. Laxman over five decades in The Times of India.

Friday April 25, it's Sufi-rock (not surf-rock) with Salman Ahmad at 4:30 pm in the Memorial Chapel on campus. Ahmad is guitarist and singer for Junoon, the most popular rock band in South Asia, blending sufi (mystical Islam) and rock. It'll be a documentary, followed by questions, followed by Ahmad unplugged with a tabla player.

Checking out the rest of the calendar, I find that if you were shut out of the Bushnell performance of the NPR hit show, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, you might get into a lecture with Peter Sagal and Doug Berman at Wesleyan's Beckham Hall, thought the calendar lists the events on two different days, April 16 and April 17.

And Amy Bloom, author of the acclaimed, Away, will be lecturing Friday April 18 at the Film Studies Center.

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