Sunday, December 27, 2009

Creepy Joe™ Lieberman: the first to exploit fear

Hot off of his outrageous, mercurial performance as the enemy of universal health care, our junior, and I do mean junior, ructious Senator has found new hope in an attempted act of terrorism.

On Sunday, while the White House tried mightily to prevent panic, Creepy Joe™ Lieberman stoked the fires of fear, and beat the drums of war suggesting that we establish a new front in Yemen. Yeah, man.

Lieberman spared no time moving from the limelight as "health spoiler" to the bellicose beast of bombing preemptively. All right, (creepy) Joe, let's make yemenade out of Yemen!

Never was a bigger chickenhawk ever hatched.

And as the head of the Homeland Security committee, might it be presumptuous to suggest that Lieberman had failed in his duties because a Nigerian with an explosive dildo almost brought a jetliner down. If it wasn't for a brave lad from the land of licentiousness, Amsterdam, one would say that the Senate Homeland Security committee might have had some blood on its hands.

But that's okay with Lieberman. A little blood bath, just like too little health care, is a good thing for his benefactors.


David Bauer said...

Isn't the US Senate the greatest job in the world? You can be as important as Joe Lieberman needs to be without one shred of responsibility.

Why isn't Lieberman going to be removed from his Chair of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee?

Susan said...

Oh -- uh -- because -- it's all Obama's fault! No? Then -- that would be socialism! No? Hmm. Well it's just easier not to think about it.....