Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rowin' on the River

(It ain't art. It's garbage. Hauled out of the river, after some hard paddling by Stephen Devoto.)

Every time I get my kayak out on the Connecticut, Mattabessett and Coginchaug Rivers, I wonder why it's taken me so long to do it again since last time.

With black clouds threatening from the South, I ventured out with a group of fellow paddlers to explore Wilcox Island and the confluence of the Mattabessett and Coginchaug.

Except for a near-collision with a boat speeding around a bend in the Mattabessett, the trip was sublime.


Susan said...

I'm glad you made the trip. I was scared off by threatening weather reports.

BioMan said...

Looks wonderful. It IS a beautiful river. Years ago, Fred Cohan and I tried to do some rowing in early spring, but were swept away by the power of the flow. Glad you had a "sublime" trip.